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Are you positioned for success in the market?

Are you going into each morning, unsure of what you’ll trade, or how you’ll trade it?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above– you are not alone.

When you’re trading stocks… the best way for you to put yourself in a position to succeed is by following a systematic approach.

That means having a checklist of things to look for before you get into a stock or options trade.

You see, a trader’s checklist will help you remain disciplined and allow you to only focus on your best setups.

Basically, you can think of this as a series of questions you ask yourself before you get into a trade.

For example, my trader’s checklist looks something like this:

  • What’s my edge in the trade?
    • Before I get into any trade, I ask myself whether I have an advantage in the trade. For example, I’ll look to see whether my money pattern shows up in a stock… and if it does, I know that I’m in a position to multiply my money… fast.
  • What’s my thesis?
    • This is one of the most important items on a trader’s checklist. Basically, you want to list out the reasoning behind the trade.
  • Do I have a plan?
    • If you don’t have a trading plan in place… it could end up disastrous. Before I enter a position… I know where I want to get in, stop-out if things don’t go my way, and take profits.
  • Does the risk-reward make sense?
    • Unless you have a strategy that consistently makes money (say 80% or more of the time), it makes sense to weigh the risks and rewards. For example, one of my strategies aims to pull triple-digit returns, but I’m only willing to risk 50%.That means on any given trade, my risk-reward ratio is at least 1:2 – risking 1% to make at least 2%.

For example, I alerted my clients about my trade in AMZN puts… and they knew exactly where I had an edge, my thesis, where I was going to take profits (I typically look for at least triple-digit returns)… as well as my risk-to-reward.

Did I have an edge?

Yes, my money pattern was showing up.

What was my thesis?

You can see my thesis in the screenshot of the email that I sent to my clients. Basically, I figured that Prime Day was just a gimmick… and the chart was telling me AMZN could pull back and potentially sell off.

Did I have a plan?


Did the risk-reward make sense?


You’re probably wondering how that trade turned out…

You see, having a checklist helps with narrowing your focus to your money makers… which can improve your odds of winning.


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