This is not a get rich quick scheme. If you want to multiply your money quickly like I do, then using my pattern may be your best bet. You see, with my “money pattern” all I have to do is wait for it to flash a buy or sell. Thereafter, it’s all about planning my trade, execution and risk managing. This simple pattern could generate 100%+ returns because I’m able to leverage my capital. If you want to see the nuts and bolts of how I’m able to multiply my money – check it out here.

 Basically, options give you the right to buy or sell an underlying stock at a specified price on, or before, a specified expiration date. There are a lot of components that affect an option’s price, but, in our community, we are focused on direction plays. For example, if we think a stock is going to rise, we would purchase call options, which cost some premium, and look to multiply our capital.

Options trading is hard, and it will take you some time to learn. However, you’re able to place yourself on the path to success when you follow experienced traders and watch their every move. When you are trading with a community of traders, you’re able to ask questions and their thought process behind the trade. We’re going to give you a little taste of what we do with options so you have a better understanding of how it’s very possible to make over 50% or even 100%+ returns in a short period. That in mind, let’s get right into things and look at how we were able to generate high returns using a “small” amount of capital.

Keep in mind, I’m not only trading options. This is just one asset class I trade. I’ll also use this pattern with stocks and ETFs

Multiply Your Money Using this Simple Pattern

Generally, I will use technical analysis and catalyst events for my trading, whether it be stocks, options or ETFs. For example, one of my favorite tools involves chart patterns. No one else in the market is really doing this and multiplying their money. When you’re trading stocks, it’s harder to hold a lot of shares short because every $1 move against you hurts. However, with options, you are able to leverage your capital and capture big moves. Now, that doesn’t mean I won’t trade stocks, exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and other securities. I trade everything, but trading options with my money-multiplying pattern is my bread and butter. You see, once I see my pattern, I know I have a high probability of making triple-digit returns. If you follow my strategy, you might be able to multiply your money too! Click here to get an indepth look of my battle-tested strategy.

Let’s see how you could use this pattern to make over 50% of your investment in just a few days. Now, since I’ve gotten the hang of making 50%+ consistently…I’m looking to make 100%+ on my trades now. You can see how I used my strategy to make over six figures in under 24 hours!

Let’s look at how I consistently have these monstrous returns.

Multiply Your Money with Small Moves

I was bearish on the VanEck Vectors Gold Miners ETF (GDX), so instead of shorting the ETF, I bought put options and capped my potential losses. I bought 200 GDX Jan 19 2018 23.50 Put options for 28 cents and sold those for a 105% win, netting $5800 on a $5600 investment.Here is a look at what I call the “Money Pattern,” which signaled the trade to me.

multiply your money

At the time, I was watching GDX run higher for the past few weeks. Sadly, I missed that move higher. However, when you miss a trade, you should not worry too much because another opportunity should arise. After trending higher over 10%, I thought it was running out of steam. In the chart above, I noticed the ETF had a high probability of dropping soon. Once my pattern flashed a sell, I quickly opened up a position.

The reason I used options for this play is due to the fact options allow you to leverage capital. So when I bought 200 put options (a short play), I was leveraging 20K shares because equity option contracts have a multiplier of 100. So purchasing 200 put options only cost me $5,600. However, if I were to try to capture the same move, it would have cost me over $23K in buying power just to short 1K shares. That doesn’t mean I couldn’t have traded the stock using my pattern…Sometimes, I’ll also trade the stock based on my money-making pattern.

Think about this.

By catching just a 3% drop in GDX… I was able to make over 100% in 3 days! If you had followed this pattern and executed properly, you would’ve been able to multiply your money too!

Now, it’s not uncommon for me to see returns like this in the markets.

Trading the Market and Multiplying My Money

When I was watching the Russell 2000, I thought small-cap stocks were going to outperform at the time. What better way to express my bullish opinion than using call options? I was bullish on the Russell 2000 Index, so I looked to get into options on the iShares Russell 2000 Index ETF (IWM).

I bought 60 IWM Jan 12 2018 154 Call @ $0.85. I held on for a week and sold them for a 100% win in just 2 days, or $5,100! I think this is a double within the next week.

multiply your money

With options, it does not take much for them to double. Just take a look here. With IWM moving just over 1% between January 2 and January 4, the options exploded and doubled! These options were in the money on January 4. In other words, the ETF’s price rose above the strike price of $154. Therefore, the option’s gained intrinsic value (stock price – strike price).

I sold these call options for $1.70 a piece, so $170 per contract, or $10,200 for the entire position. This position netted $5,100 in profits! Not bad for just 2 days.

Another Trade Highlight in IWM

This was not the only IWM options trade I put on. While money managers were only eeking out lackluster returns…I was using my strategy to multiply my money.

After doubling my money in IWM call options, I stepped back in and bought the calls at a discount from where I sold them.

I bought 60 contracts of IWM Jan 19 2018 155 call options at 80 cents. I sold these the next day for another 100% gain!

The reasoning behind this trade was attributed to my bullish outlook on small caps, again. I thought there were too many bearish market participants trying to call the top. Consequently, when I saw IWM dip, I used this as a buying opportunity to try to flip the options quickly once IWM rebounded.

Additionally, VIX was barely moving and actually down on the day. That said, I was not too worried about a market collapse that day.

Take a look at IWM on the hourly chart with the CBOE Volatility Index (VIX).

multiply your money

Once IWM gapped higher the day after I purchased the call options, the intrinsic value exploded. Consequently, I was able to lock in around $5K in profits!

Here’s another bearish position I want to highlight. I bought 60 put option contracts on TLT, anticipating a move lower. I sold out of half for +130% in just a few days, then sold the rest for +60%. Again, I will also look to trade stocks or ETFs based on this pattern, in addition to options.

Multiply Your Money Using My Pattern with ETFs

If you notice the trendline shown, the iShares 20+ Year Treasury Bond ETF (TLT) was hot at the beginning of 2018. Now, I thought they were due for a pullback with the potential interest rate hikes. Additionally, I was anticipating the money pattern to flash a sell on the hourly.

multiply your money

Prior to the big move, bonds bounced nicely. However, I thought the recent bounce in bonds was running out of steam. I  expected a re-test of the recent lows around $123 or less within a week, at the time.

Consequently,I bought 60 TLT JAN 26 2018 125.0 Put @ $0.80.  

I was ready to add to this if it dropped to the 60 cent area. If it did not and just continued, I shot for a 100%+ win on TLT in a week.  As always, I would stop out with a 50% loss overall on the trade.

In just a few days, you could see TLT gap down and continue lower. That in mind, this caused those TLT puts to rise 130% in just a few days! I only took off half of the position for a gain of $7,300 in just about 3 days of work. The following day, I decided the take the rest off of the table for a gain of 60%.

We don’t just trade ETFs in our community, we also look for directional plays in stocks.

Directional Plays in Stocks to Multiply Your Money

Stocks like Roku (ROKU) are great for options plays. These tend to be highly volatile, and it’s hard to hold stock. However, when you buy options, you know your maximum loss and are able to hold for a bit longer.

I bought 30 call options on ROKU and was able to lock in 100% profits on some of the position the following day!

ROKU was beaten down here, so I figured it was going to catch a bounce. Additionally, it broke away from the downtrend line, and my money pattern was showing this thing could drop. It found support, so I figured it was going to make a move higher.

multiply your money

The next day it gapped higher and the options position generated reached our target of +100%. This was my target so I took half off the table and let the rest right. This was a monster trade and I decided to let the rest ride. However, it pulled back into my entry price, so I just closed out. It’s always prudent to take a position off before it goes against you. I was not too mad with the trade because I was still able to lock in around $5K on the trade in just a few days!

Doubling Your Money!

Let’s take a look at a final trade highlight.

I bought 20 put options contracts on FedEx Corporation (FDX) with a strike price of $270 expiring on Feb. 2, 2018. I locked in 100% in just a few days, or over $8K in profits! I did this all on my phone too at lunch.

I was patiently watching the Transport Index, and I realized it was starting to fall apart. So I looked at the largest components and looked to get short. FDX was the largest component, and I figured it would get hit if transports sold off.

We saw my money pattern again in FDX.

multiply your money

At the time, I noticed it was forming a rounded top, which is typically thought of as a bearish pattern. Additionally, I saw my pattern flash a sell. I anticipated a relatively big drop, so I bought 20 put option contracts of FDX with a strike price of $270. These were in-the-money puts because there was only a week left until expiration. Therefore, I wanted to preserve some capital just in case it did not work out too well.

I finally got the break I was looking for and sold the FDX puts for over $8,000 in profits and a 105% gain!

multiply your money

Make the Move and Multiply Your Money 

I’ve found a way to multiply my money, while minimizing risk. My money-multiplying pattern is powerful, yet easy to follow…Once I see my signal flashing a buy or sell signal, I’ll execute accordingly. There is a wealth of opportunities out there and allows you to leverage your capital, while making high risk-reward ratio trades. Now, I generally look to double my money in option trades, and I want to give back to the community and show you how to do just that. Remember, this strategy is not the be all and end of all of your trading, I use a lot of other tools in my trading and use my experience to multiply my money.

To your wealth!

multiply your money

Jeff Bishop