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When everyone is talking about a potential market crash and what not… it leads me to believe something is off… more importantly, you shouldn’t let the fear mongers lead you to the slaughter.

There’s a herd mentality on Wall Street right now, and the perfect way to not fall in the trap is to focus on the charts and price action

If you know me, I’m always focused on the finest chart patterns— ones with setups so juicy that the odds are so heavily stacked in my favor. 

Last night, I tuned into Jason Bond’s interview with Jeff Williams.

And you know what?

Jeff showed me how to find tomorrow’s biggest movers— today.

And while I primarily focus on large-cap stocks and options. I found out that what we do in terms of chart analysis… isn’t too different. 

In fact… 

The only real difference is Jeff Williams trades stocks that don’t care what the market is doing… that means he can profit regardless of what happens with the China trade war, interest rates or anything else that has traders scratching their heads. 

For example, while everyone was freaking out about the Trade War and recession over the past few months… Jeff was actually able to pull in a whopping $12,704 of profits on a $3,000 account! 

That’s a 423% return in just over 2 months.

When I heard that, my only question was, where do I sign up? 

Answer: Right Here

Just take a look at the SPDR S&P 500 ETF (SPY)…



… then look at his performance.



So I had to ask Williams what the heck he was doing with his Boost System… and you know what he did?

He showed me a chart.

Here’s a look at one of his money-making patterns.



Jeff actually bought this stock while he was on vacation… and planned to hold it.

The thing is, he likes to look for support and resistance… and I do as well.

If you look at the chart in Tautachrome (TTCM), you can clearly see it was at a support level (the blue horizontal line).

When you find a clear support level and see the stock stay above it… it’s a clear signal there is demand for it. If you notice, there is a green horizontal line above, that’s the resistance level.

Typically, that’s a good area to take profits, because when there’s resistance, it’s a clear signal that there may be bears looking to push the stock back down.

So what did Jeff W. do?

He played those support and resistance levels.

He bought at $0.0141 (above the support level)… and sold it once it reached the resistance level.

It’s really that simple… and he pulled out $811 on his small account – a nice 25% winner.



That’s how he was able to find one of the top gainers on Tuesday, AHEAD of time all while he was relaxing for a few days to cap off the summer – talk about time efficiency.

The more I think about it… the more I realize how similar this is to the way I trade.

For example, take a look at this daily chart in Trade Desk Inc. (TTD).



TTD is at a support level. Sure it broke below a bit… but that’s what happens with volatile stocks, and my thinking is that buyers will step in and push this stock back up.

I’m actually in a bull put spread in TTD, and we’ve seen this type of price action before… a little fake out break down of the support level… and the stock just runs up.

We saw it in TTCM, and I think we can see that again in TTD.

While everyone is trying to decipher all the headlines… all you really need to do is focus on your charts.

I’ll be sure to continue looking for these patterns out there (stocks at support and stocks at resistance) for money-making opportunities.

The whole idea is to focus on what’s working right now… and Jeff Williams is proving that his Boost System works and gives you the opportunity to find some of Wall Street’s top gainers BEFORE you see them on the scoreboard – providing you with a real edge over the competition.


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