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“My strategy aims to help you pull one winner out of the market each week, regardless of market conditions!” – Jeff Bishop

It’s hard to believe that we already closed out the decade. To think, 10 years ago I was still blowing up my trading accounts. 

Millions of dollars later, I trade for a living and teach others how to do the same.   

This is a dream come true.   

The money that I’ve made from trading has taken my kids from one of the worst school districts in the county to one of the best.   

I’m grateful to pass this knowledge along to you now.   

So when I look out at 2020, I think about what mattered most to me in 2019 - teaching others. Every goal aligns to help other traders find success - and at least one will apply to you.
I know it sounds sappy. Thing is, once you achieve a certain amount of success, making more money doesn’t always leave you fulfilled. 
Don’t get me wrong - when I look back at my best trades of 2019, I get excited. But testimonials like these make me jump out of bed in the morning.  


Comments like these from Weekly Money Multiplier Members is what motivates me.

So check out what’s in store for 2020, the year of the trader!  

The small account challenge

You spoke and I listened. The most common questions I get revolve around small accounts - how do I work with them, how do I adjust my trades for them…

I needed a way to connect directly with your pain. So I am starting my own small account challenge. I will be setting up a separate account with $10,000.

You may think that sounds like a lot. However, I incorporate a lot of credit spreads into my trading. Those require a minimum margin of $2,000. $10,000 covers this requirement and gives me room to make several trades.

Focus on decisions


Every year I recommit myself to holding no financial goals. I find they distract me from the business of trading.  

Instead, I focus on decision making and journaling. I use my journals to calibrate and tighten up my performance. Focusing on my decisions keeps the emotions out of my trading. Weekly Money Multiplier members get access to my trading journal. They can follow along with my trading as well as use the template themselves.

Only alert setups I can explain to my 5-year old

The majority of my trades follow my TPS setup. However, I find ones here in there that I understand, but can’t explain well. it is a disservice to include those in my alerts to members.

I am an educator. Weekly Money Multiplier isn’t just about watching me trade. It’s about learning how our trade and making it your own. If I can’t explain it, how would I expect you to understand it?

That doesn’t mean I won’t trade them. But, I won’t make them a main focus either.

Create Friday paydays

In 2019 I introduced my ‘lottos’ to Weekly Money Multiplier. It offered traders who wanted a bit more action something to sink their teeth into.

As we roll into 2020, I want to reduce the volatility in my portfolio. So, I plan to add credit spreads that expire weekly. That should provide me a nice stream of income every Friday. I don’t expect them to all work out. But selling credit spreads is a high probability trade.

Deliver more education


I’m not lying when I say that my focus is on the customer experience. Every week I get new traders and new questions. Half the time I learn something new from these interactions.  

My favorite time of the week is my live sessions with Weekly Money Multiplier members. It’s not just the interaction, but watching people grow. I can’t describe how amazing it is to see the light turn on for someone.


All my sessions are recorded and uploaded for members to view at their leisure if they can’t attend live.

Yet, that’s not enough. I plan to create more content to help take members through their trading journey. No one becomes a multi-millionaire trader overnight. It takes practice and patience. The same skills that make keep you from losing money aren’t the same ones that let you start making money.  

That’s why my weekly series ‘Turning a profit’ focuses on this particular issue.  

I want to transform members into the traders they want to be. That isn’t just about learning my TPS system, but making it their own!

Come learn what it’s all about


Take a few minutes and join me for my free webinar where I explain how I transformed my trading, and how I can make you a better trader.

Click here to sign up for my free webinar.

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