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5 Homerun Trades

by | Oct 18, 2018 | Bishop's Corner

I recently hit 5 homerun trades using my simple strategy. One of those trades was my best trade yet this year! I capitalized on the recent maket sell off with my pattern, and was able to make over six figures in just 3 trades in under 24 hours. When I’m trading the markets, I’m not looking to slightly beat the market, I’m trying to hit homeruns.

I don’t want water cooler returns like S&P 500 trades. I’m looking to double my money in a short period. That said, let’s look at my five most recent homerun trades, where I’m nailing some winners and generating over 100%+. If you want to nail 100% winners like me – check out how I do that here.

My Last 3 Trades Totaled over $160K in Profits in Under 24 Hours!

When the market was very choppy and traders were taking shots on the chin…I was patiently waiting for my pattern.

For example, I noticed my pattern in Starbucks (SBUX) and I planned out my trade accordingly.

Here was my trading plan,

I started on SBUX Nov 16 2018 55 Call @ $2.00.  I am planning to add to this position more but I like the trade right here around the 200 hourly and daily lines. It doesn’t hurt that Ackman just announced a big position in this stock a couple of days ago and I feel like I’m getting a nice discount to that here.

With Ackman announcing a large position in SBUX, it was good news and the stock’s recent drop was primarily attributed to the sell off in the market. I was getting something for cheap, and I figured the market would find support and rebound, as my charts were indicating it very well was going to.

In just a short period, I was up over 30% on this position. However, I was going for 100%+ on the trade.

In just a few trading days, the SBUX position was up 98%!

I sold half of my SBUX position, and locked in some massive gains at the time.

I wasn’t done trading just yet. I was still looking for that monster trade.

My pattern flashed a buy on Tesla (TSLA). I was aggressively looking to multiply my money in TSLA.


Now, I ended up taking half of my TSLA calls for approximately 50%, I was holding on for more.

My Best Trade This Year So Far…

This still wasn’t good enough for me…I was still stalking the markets until my pattern flashed again…

It finally did in Inc (AMZN). You see, it pays to be patient in the markets. I know what my strategy and pattern are, so I wait until I get the signal instead of jumping the gun. Once my pattern gave me the green light on AMZN, I quickly planned my trade…I was planning for this trade to take a little bit of time to work out. However, it only took less than 24 hours for this to happen, after I entered a trade in AMZN.


I was able to multiply my money with my pattern, and had my best trade of 2018 thus far. I found something that works, and I’m going to stick to it. However, I’m looking to consistently have profits like this. Since I’ve already got this pattern down to a T, I’m going to start trading bigger.

In less than 24 hours, I had $161,778.12 in profits.

Second Best Trade This Year…

Now, my second best trade was in Tilray (TLRY). Pot stocks were hot, but this stock moved too far, too fast. It went from under $30 to over $250 in just a little over a month. I wasn’t going to go out and try shorting the stock like everyone else. I waited for my pattern to flash a sell signal…and when it finally gave me the green light, I executed flawlessly.

In just a short timeframe, I had a monster win!


That’s right, my pattern generated a 284.38% return! I don’t see anyone else doing this in the markets.

Another great trade was my trade in The Trade Desk (TTD)

$34K in 6 Days!

My pattern showed me TTD could catch a pop. Now, this trade only took me minutes of “work” and all I had to do was be patient and trust my strategy after.

I found a bullish chart, I waited for the pullback, and when my pattern showed me it was time to buy…I did.

Here’s what I sent out to the community.


In just 4 days, the TTD spiked, and I was up 50%, so I took some profits. One of my biggest rules is, “When you’re up, don’t forget to pay yourself.”

I let the other half of my position ride…

Two days later, the second half of the trade was worth $27,250.

That’s a total of $34K in profits for minutes of work and being patient.

The Bottom Line

I’m consistently using my pattern to have homerun trades like AMZN, TLRY, TTD, SBUX and TSLA. I’ve spent 20 years trying to find a strategy that multiplies my money and minimizes my downside. I did just that. Now, this isn’t my only strategy in my trading arsenal. I’ve got a lot of other strategies that also generate monstrous returns.

To your wealth,

multiply your money

Jeff Bishop

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