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There is no better way to learn than watching a master at his craft each day

Jeff is a regular guy, who just happens to be a great options trader. This is your chance to learn and work with a 20-year trading veteran who has seen and done it all. Become a part of Jeff’s inner circle and watch in real-time how he navigates the markets every day.


Becoming a successful options trader will help you get there fast.

From starting with just $2000 in his first trading account 20 years ago, he’s now a multimillionaire who firmly believes and teaches that no one has more of an interest in your money than you do..


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Nathan Bear Joins Weekly Money Multiplier Family

Husband and father of four, Nathan Bear joined the Raging Bull family after losing for 3 years in the market. He successfully turned $37,525 into $1.85 million in just 3 years. He now teaches and trades options in Weekly Money Multiplier.

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“Btw, had my best week ever last week with Puts on TSLA and Calls on LULU +$14K. Could of made more but decided to play safe. Glad I did with TSLA, because it ran up the next day. Thanks man”

— Christopher T.

“I know you are busy so I am gonna keep it brief and to the point. I started with $15,700. I learn from every one of your emails. “Trust The Process” I love it. You said that in one of your emails after the market refused to move lower. I typed it in large font and put it above my monitor. I gained approx. $5493 last month and I traded only with 5% of my account (it really helped me control my emotions). I look forward every morning to your emails, your feedback and the way you analyze the market. I am not there yet (100% I mean) but your emails and your LIVE Feed keeps me in tact.”

— Kathy M

“The service you provide is incredible. Just became a premium member of the Weekly Money Multiplier. Thanks for everything you do.”

— Reggie W.

“I just joined Jeff’s and Jason’s services. Listening to Jeff makes me laugh because he tells it like it is and cracks me up. After being in 5 different trading services. RagingBull has people I can actually believe in with no BS like I was getting from some of the other ones! It excites me and I actually look forward to each day now in trading!”

— Carol L.

“Hey Jeff, becoming part of RagingBull and WMM was such a great decision. I started with $100, now my account is around $600. Thanks so much”

— Adam W.

“Thanks Jeff out of STZ call and total of $1800 past two days with ROKU and STZ and a $mrin stock trade. Just wish i had bigger account and that gain would have been 18000.”

— Dave S.

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